Round 19 & that lady Wambui

Kenya Cup week 19, finally we are to conclude the preliminaries of the whirling action; series of leader changes, cricket scores and much more than I can comprehend in a paragraph, basically we are now headed to the home run, the realest run last week was a bluff..


At the close of business of Week 18, us chaps at the Bench had a correct score of 7 out of the total 7 games played *claps, sips water* that’s how on point I can be on a good day. Mwamba did a great job restoring my two cents, I had pegged a win for them albeit half heartedly; ‘Rain gods’, they are now called.

Kulabu saw off the Leos 10-5, just as precise as I had predicted last week. Impala Saracens walloped Nondies 63-3 and while they hoped Quins falter at Nakuru, the latter stamped a 29-5 victory over Top Fry Nakuru to retain ‘Top of the table’ habits. Kabras Rugby managed 29-10 victory over Blakblad … I expected much more than that, after the rampage on Impala. And then the obvious HBR and KCB with 48-3 & 93-3 wins over Thika and Bungoma Sharks respectively.

Over at the nationwide playoffs it was a dark day for my University of Eldoret, Trojans, after a 10-6 loss at Moi University, makofi kwa Arsonists. At Mamboleo Showgrounds Kisumu RFC saw of Resolution Kisii 8-5… but the latter would still make it to the national playoffs. Here is the deal, let’s forget all that happened during the follow up Sunday with back-forth argument & confusion on who should make it to the play offs- games are won at the pitch and whoever makes it that far, well in, go play good. On the flipped side of the coin, the union should get their house in order and be elaborate when giving qualification criteria. That said…we move to matters importanter. WEEK 19!

Kenya Cup week 19.

This week I feature one bubbly happy rugby soul, Wambui Mumbi… Fondly known as Kenna at rugby circles, isn’t she quite a beauty?


Meet Wambui ‘Kenna’ Mumbi.. beaming, right?

Pleasantries aside now; Kenna engages her mind on the upcoming weekend clashes and i take chance to compare her prediction book to mine. She also gives her thoughts of the Kenya Sevens at Hong Kong show last weekend and when did she and rugby hook up?! Read it here:

Menengai Cream Homeboyz vs Kenya Harlequins

Kenna: I’d go for a Harlequins win with plus +10 points. This is mainly because we have all seen Quins at the recent rounds of play; they aren’t leaving leaving anything to chance. I am sure they want to top the log at the end of the 19 match days.

Cf_IcKQXEAAOEpU.jpg large

Well, she has a go at this one, Quins want to maintain the lead into the play offs, matter of fact they cant afford slip ups with Impala bailing on their necks. They have a tough fixture against the deejays but lets not forget they are fresh off a win against a tough Wanyore, a significant win by the way. Whats there to stop them from winning this match.

Homeboyz though are a fired lot too, at fifth and at same level of points with Kabras they look to peep the Kabras men to fourth and why not start by seeing off the Quins.

Kenna hiyo score ya +10 haiwezi make… its +5 & under 10 for the Quins

Top Fry Nakuru  vs KCB Rugby

Kenna: *cheekily laughs* KCB will win with +3… I think its time the lions beat Wanyore in their home turf. Am I alowed to make this decision as a KCB fan? That’s exactly what I’m doing. Last these two met, Nakuru won 33-29 at the Titans Cup, last year at the Kenya Cup season they won again 23-20. I’m going with my gut- KCB to beat Nakuru


This is the sort of match a team plays for pride more than other rewards of a win, by that i mean Nakuru. They have seen off the Bankers, twice now- Thank you Kenna for the memory lane- Why would they risk upsetting their play of chance? Especially now that they seat at sixth with Strathmore at seventh edging the latter of goal difference.

KCB are a great team to nail the Wanyore, but looking at this fixture it goes down to the wire Nakuru cant afford to let go the play off berth. Sorry Kenna Nakuru will win this one +5

Nondescripts vs Mwamba RFC

Kenna: This is a given Kulabu (Mwamba) win, +10. Nondies performance this season has gone downhill. Mwamba will win because they literally need the five points to hopefully make it to the play offs but then again the point difference might prove otherwise.

CfwKoT6UEAAb6dQ.jpg large

‘Rain gods’, Mwamba RFC, about their business last week.

Straightest win for Kulabu, I concur. The slippery slope for Nondies was set rolling ever since that Blad beating, a draw in the subsequent weekend and a thwarting last weekend just prove the point. Look at Kulabu and marvel at what they are doing, the David they have turned into albeit too late… Kulabu win +10.

Resolution Impala Saracens vs Strathmore Leos

Kenna: I am torn in this fixture… I think Impala will win by +5 points, although I have a bias for a Strathmore win so that they can make it to the play offs. My pick for Impala is because they are on a whole other level this season, Leos will have to dig deep and actually and if they really do, they might surprise the Sarries.

She has summed it up, Impala are on their own level this season, too bad they had to loose to Kabras and drop off the leading role. Leos are just shy off the playoffs by goal diference and would give a lot to earn the necessary points to go ahead of Mwamba… while they push ball, they will praying Kulabu falters too. I see a +8 win in favor of Leos.

Mean Machine vs Bungoma Sharks

Over at the south side of the table standings, their is a battle of the minnows. Although Sharks have had a sorrowful debut at the Kenya Cup they would to bid goodbye the platform with a win against an (almost) equally under-performing Machine outfit.

The Machines though have showed their grittiness this season with in some matches notably against Homeboyz and if they manage to hold the momentum they had at such matches they might pick up a huge win in this game. It’s sad to see Sharks walk away in their first season… and as much as i would wish them a win in this game, Machine will win this one +10.

Western Bulls vs Blak Blad

W’Bulls are finally picking wins in the cup and are far off the fall out section of the standings, sitting pretty at 9th they host the students who are at 11th on the standings.

The resurgence of Blak blad should be reciprocated in this match, but its the first time these two are locking horns this season  courtesy of crossover procedure of the new Kenya Cup format. If i would peg my money in this fixture, I would say W’Bulls win by +8

Kabras Sugar vs Thika

Quick one here… Kabras will win, scores way above 15.

Wambui’s take on Hong Kong

The Kenya Sevens had a quite stellar day one at Las Vegas taking the All Blacks for recruits while at it, day two was a sad story and we parted ways with honors at the city of lights. We applauded the day one action especially that All Blacks win…. all manner of praise came through, only to loath at the results scored in day two.


Moving into Hong Kong Sevens the story was quite a duplicate of what had happened two weeks earlier, a splendid day one and a pitiable day two.

Whatever is happening to the Shujaaz, loosing steam on Day two of tournaments. It’s a scene that quite needs remedy, real quick. Is it that we settle getting into the cup quarters too much we forgo the little things that matter? Otherwise we wouldn’t be stagnating at 8th after the & seven rounds so far.

Wambui had a go at Shujaaz Hong Kong 7s and this is what she quipped;

What are your thoughts on the Kenya Sevens, your review of the Hong Kong 7s performance and on a scale of 1-7 what score would you give the team Kenya?

Kenna: I think our team has a switch. There are matches they will literally turn up so well and win, then there are others they would switch off and we receive some thorough beating. The England match will be an example in this case. Against Samoa, New Zealand and Fiji we did great regardless of the scores.

We need to choose, whether we’re gonna turn up(and win) for matches the whole tournament or not-okay, maybe not- we need to win to perform in all matches. We have the potential, we’ve seen it this season.

On  a scale of 1-7: I would give them a 4.

I sort out to know what intrigues the lady Wambui in the sport of Rugby and this is what she had to say:

Kenna: Credits to Daystar University (Yes, I’m that young in this rugby world), I became their TM through baptism of fire. I knew nothing about the sport then but with time during the tours, i learnt about the sport and also watching the Kenya Cup helped. I also got friends in the rugby world who schooled me.


The rookie in you clearly showing, 🙂

And as a parting shot this is what she had to say about the sport…

What I appreciate the sport for would be the brotherhood that comes with being a rugby player. Most of my friends in Daystar and other teams are always there for their mates through all times. There’s the softness that comes with being a rugby player, and they make great friends. No man is an island, having such friends helps a great deal.

There goes the weekend review and a word from your favorite fan. Lets pick a match and cheer our favorites, #TwendeGameTujengeGame.




7 thoughts on “Round 19 & that lady Wambui

  1. wanyore – CB :- wanyore +5
    Nondes – Kulabu :- kulabu + 3
    Impala – Strath :- i hav a feeling strath wil not disapoint strath +1
    machine vs sharks :- machine +15
    Bulls – black blad – Bulls +10
    kabras – Thika – kabras mingi kwa chache

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