Kenya cup in January


Issawrap! To the only month in a year that feels like 45 days clamped together. Things have been thick and thin one way or another in the 2017 opener,but let’s all be glad, chiefly, that the scotching January heat is subsiding. The weather man has obviously been wrong one way or another but the rains are probably earlier than they would have predicted… at least in sides where I come from.

At the rugby end, with the rains we could only be happier about the softer playing turf. With tender soils and pitches, it could translate to a few things, notably; almost zero grass burns, a number of dives at the try box and the obvious ‘Benjamin Marshall’ of the team gets to tesa the stiff guys with cheeky little quick feet and sidesteps! Get a chance and watch his tribute by the way- Benjamin Marshall, some pretty fancy skills to learn…

Moving on,

To the January action, it has been a source of mixed results here and there but good thing the month ended safely unlike the year ending of 2016, gratefulness to the Father up above. Also, my plea to be excused for I have not been up beat with the weekly postings. I can bet you I mentioned, somewhere last year, things will be done differently this year, and change is inevitable… Back to Kenya Cup, as we proceed to the unknowns of the new month I sort it better to share my two cents of what the action has been this past three weekends, the hits and misses of the month; who’s been hot and who’s not we get to know also the chaps that fattened up over the December festivities.

I believe up to that point, we are all at par, correct? Shall we…

Week Eight, where Quins danced to Deejay’s beat & Kabras held on

After the premature but deserved break of the season last year Week Eight (8) of the Kenya Cup was a jump-start to the second and final term of the cup. A test on the festivities indulgences; like I mentioned, a test on who accumulated much ‘relaxation’ than the other. We had seven fixtures as usual but then again I would not review all of them, keeping it strictly highlights.


The one man lift though, photo credits Ragahouse

Apparently Sportpesa Quins must have had too much sauce on their goat steaks; they started off with a shock 15-10 loss to Menengai Cream Homeboyz.  A first in the season probably because they played a man less much of the second half in that game, but the visitors were a man down in the first half too courtesy of a sin bin, and how thou unlucky if you don’t capitalize on such an opportunity against a much bulkier Paul Murunga outfit… how unlucky. But they still cling at second place as per the last time I checked, a relief at least.

Kabras were forced to throw let go the hook, line and sinker to nab the fish at Railways. In a cross-county clash against Mwamba they managed a narrow 37-32 win. Maybe because it did not rain at Railways, they savored a close five point win. In what was the debut of the visitors’ Ugandan international (also sensational) Philip Wokorach,  Kabras had to win, and the man proved worth the bargain. Honestly thinking though, you don’t come as the defending champs and struggle to get a hold of a match against seasoned table-toppers ( apologies, Mwamba). But when you see a line up with Lavin Asego, seasoned Humphrey Kayange and the obvious ‘Chochoo’ train, Injera, eerm.. you can bet Kabras were lucky.


Airborne, photo credits OSBKE 

Also, did you see the pictures off that game? Hehehe, please do when you get the chance. My mentor was humbly subdued pale!

Week Nine (9), where four things happened…


The somber moments, Photo credits Shujaa Pride

Mean Machine clearly moved in to the refurbished corner of the relegation floor… cementing their spot at the bottom. Eschuma have been having torrid days we all agree, but never caved in as much, plus they had a fantastic opener against Kabras- if you recall. For a moment after week one I was for the thought the University is rising. They lost 70-0 to an unbeaten KCB side, that we cannot have much to talk about; it was the bankers they were facing after all…


Kabras rugby, who until this fateful day was unbeaten in seven weekends, got a sit down from their bitter rivals, Top Fry Nakuru led by chief orchestrator, Ominde Geoffery. Booting in four penalties in the second half to overturn a 14-3 lead by the hosts, Ominde ensured a 15-14 win for Nakuru. Over at Jamhuri, Homeboyz rugby was busy with the ‘beat down’ of Resolution Impala, handing the latter a resounding 41-13 defeat. Whatever the Deejays were up to during the Christmas break, they seemingly started the year with such authority. And who told Impala they could just let go like that, where was the dignity at least, aki hii rugby yetu!


The G.O.A.T, Photo credits KRU

Now that Blakblad –Strathmore incident guys, the latter is just having ‘withdrawal’ issues. When you heavily rely on a brood of players and they wholesomely leave you are in for a sticks and stones that can actually break your bones. Blad couldn’t face the Leos at a better time than this.

Week Ten (10); Quining the Ngong road derby since…


Photo credits Mid-Ego

SportPesa Quins confirmed they could lose to any other team but not their immediate neighbors Impala… and the latter again seceding gladly for a second week running. You were keen to follow the first Ngong Road derby banter online, mahn! Impala had my ribs tingling… then we realized that’s all they could win off the derby action, online banter. In the rerun, they rather maintained a silent tone and seemed to focus to the issue at hand, the game, they participated in almost null banter besides the teasing by the Quins twitter guy.

Impala forfeited the online banter ‘game’ and equally lost at the pitch too, new tactics maybe? I would give them a breather, something might be cooking.

KCB completed the month extending their unbeaten run, in fancy action, against the defending champions Kabras, icing the victory with a better ‘Bazokizo’ challenge than Kenya Sevens.

Slightly on the international scene


The Wellington moment

South Africa’s Blitzbokke are finer than wine so far in the HSBC circuit, which is great for Pan-Africanism. The New Zealand rugby team are seemingly passing hints that the technique to the cup final went away with Sir Tietjens and his oldies club, kina Forbes. Finally Kenya Sevens are gallantly managing to win something, that Wellington 7s Challenge trophy, well done gents…  what about we work on our stagnating tenth position in the standings?

There goes the monthly review of January, I might have missed a few highlights of the month in case you have a hint, two or three feel free to leave it at the comments section. Also, check out our Facebook Page for our regular postings besides site contents .

Clicked, Read, now it’s time you share…


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