Elgon Cup, Twende Game

Tides have been changing lately in the Kenya rugby scene, there is an evident shift of attention from the shorter version to the rugby fifteens. If you were keen to watch or attend the Kenya Vs Germany test, there were many lessons to learn other than, ‘it is not over till it is’.


Kenya vs Uganda, Elgon Cup return leg poster, KRU.

The growing love for the sport and/or activities that evolve around it, was unmatched in the Kenyans-Germans clash. Besides having the accreditation of a full test, the prior social platforms marketing strategy (either planned or default) was efficient. Friends passed on the message to friends, who subsequently passed the same to their other friends… and they did show up in numbers. A thumbs up from this end to all those that had part in the overall turn out, directly or indirectly.

Why you shouldn’t miss the return leg

That is a done bill though, soon after we got into the next; The Elgon Cup, which as it stands, I am late to cover- besides the prolonged drought on the blog. Leg one of the same was done away with down at Kampala, Uganda. Kenya survived a lengthy 70+ minutes scare of a loss only to recover through the blessed boot of the Skipper Darwin Mukidza. Game ended at 23-18 , in favor of Kenya.

kawowo scrum

Scrum action in Leg 1 of the Elgon Cup photo: Kawowo Sports

The second leg is set to be hosted in Nairobi at the RFUEA Grounds, on the 24th of June, 2017. With the close-shaves in our immediate two matches as described above, we are sitting on a bayou, the return leg could only be a must win. We cannot risk a slump in the standings no matter how slim.

Its another chance for the ruby enthusiasts and those looking to have a thrill of the game, to show up and cheer on the team, besides other things… that in mind, I sort to level reasons why I should not miss the action on the 24th- by ‘I’ also include those who have a likewise feeling.

1.Support your own.

I love rugby, a fact, I play rugby, another fact. Any chance I get, and have the ability, to watch the national outlook of that which I fancy play, we cyah negotiate. A thing to three will have me troop to RFUEA.


Fanatics, Kenya vs Germany. Shujaa Pride


And also, if you cant support your own (Kenya 15s) at least then take along a friend or two and help them support their own. Before i forget, in the Kenya vs Germany test there was a low-key campaign of having the RFUEA filled at 6000, we can have another low key this time for 7000, its attainable.

2. Electric atmosphere


6000 (or thereby) strong turn up in Kenya-German clash

If we can manage an outstanding turnout akin to two weekends ago, there will be little room for disappointments. The Kenyan rugby fans are known to be one of the most entertaining lot, very supportive of their own, fact check with World Rugby, this cant be fallacy. There is no greater opportunity to mingle and sing along with the world best fans at their own turf, as such.

In fact we should give the board room chaps a reason to start reconsidering the venue of this year’s Safari 7s… ama namna gani my fren’s?

NB: ‘Mexican wave’ is a continuous thing, so those ‘boring’ attendees at the main stand next time it starts at the Russian end, complete the motion please… such are the things we come to do- besides watching rugby, etc.

3. Mee(a)t, Greet & merry

The great thing about rugby events is how they cater for a majority of your accompanied needs, you get an all inclusive weekend at one venue.

Get yourself a fancy spot at the stands, spot out the beautiful Tusker ladies and buy your belly some ‘fermented barley extracts’. Watch the game, chant, scream, yell, cheer, jeer.

Half time, go nibble at goat ribs or chicken wings or fries at Quins bar area.


A half time indulgence, others prefer at full time

Second half, just buy crisps and fried peanuts from the familiar face. Watch till the 80th, slide to the Quins Bar, again, make new friend (call out on the old ones) as you enjoy a cold one, spot a Ugandan indulge in a light (or deep) banter. Eye other niceties too and indulge thyself -with moderation. We still need the CEOs and Workers to build this nation and of course to throng the venue again in our next match.

There goes my three ‘reasons why’ you should attend the Elgon Cup, whats yours?



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