Brute also wins


Kenya 7s in past action |

This is a quick read.

Aside with tradition of candid introductions and what-not; where and why hullabaloo, I will just dive to it…

Kenya’s recent exploits at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens circuit have seen a re-insurgence of the old adage of rugby being a sport of brute. Tracing the trend off at Sydney 7s, the boys made big, hard runs, hard carries… Bluntly put they went all in and hard!- which is pretty fine by me, now that every team is borrowing a trick or two from the Oceanic teams’ flair, its only fair. At least, Shujaa managed to nick a few points. You know, for all times table standings sake.

The tenacity was further evident in New Zealand for the Hamilton Sevens. Although this time, with a bit of refinery and polish. Thumbs up for the Shujaas for the seamless Day 1 managing two wins and draw, we are hardly accustomed to that. Our play under coach Innocent ‘namcos’ Simiyu is progressively earning a pat, whats left is to work on our Day 2 games. We have not entirely gone past our line of thought “…aiming to qualify for the quarters…”

How about we replace the ‘quarters’ bit with a semi-final berth prospects.

Aside with that, thumbs up to Namcos and the players for exploiting their bodily advantage besides tactical skills in these past two outings. It is never easy to balance the two, it is easier to notice most teams rely on tact and skills with minimal use of brute- which, again, I find totally okay.

Back home, there is a saga around due payment of referees, the sponsorship pull out over a tax cut, the Kenya Cup fiasco so far… do stick around for the next read, I’ll throw my tow cents around all those affairs. Cheers!



One thought on “Brute also wins

  1. […] team has also posted very, very positive results lately and rubber-stamped the performances with a fashioned style of play that we have all long awaited to see. I have least to critique about the team, it is my hope though […]


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