Thoughts so far

  Been a month and a couple of weeks since I last posted a thing from this end, subtly because I was having a well deserved break, and just the lone image suggest, I had moments of sultry reflection. If  you were keen, I clocked 40 posts since inception of the blog, not a mean … Continue reading Thoughts so far


Team of the November Tests

November 2016 was a great month of rugby action more so at the international scenery. New Zealand stretched their list of accomplishments with the longest run wins to eighteen (18). While still relishing that they were humbly beat by Ireland, the latter recording their first ever win over the Southerners – and it was big, … Continue reading Team of the November Tests

Kenya Cup Round 4 & the Dubai 7s Fiasco

The level of competition in the 7s game is rapidly rising standards that “Kenya 7s(both men and Women) are failing to keep up with”. Not that we don’t have the potential, no, just that we are unable to maintain full momentum to the buzzer. We collected losses in nearly all games save for one against … Continue reading Kenya Cup Round 4 & the Dubai 7s Fiasco

Post Kenya Cup round 2 action & IRB Circuit kickoff!

Before delving to matters Kenya Cup round 3, it will be awkward if I let the weekend action that was, slide away without a hoot. Round 2 review. Quick of the book was the clash pitting Quins against “Money Team” Kabras Rugby, I didn’t attend the match, but I heard the weather in the city … Continue reading Post Kenya Cup round 2 action & IRB Circuit kickoff!