Rugby review

This articles was purposed to be posted ages ago, but since life situations are unpredictable, I am glad that I can still post it up... The closing chapter of the 2017/18 Kenya Cup season has cruised to its penultimate page, after a relishing action since November 2017, we have been served the best mixture of … Continue reading Rugby review


Philip Wokorach in Ten

Quick ten questions with Philip Wokorach- Uganda & Kabras Sugar This week, The Bench got the opportunity to feature sensational Uganda Rugby player Philip Wokorach who also doubles up as Kabras Sugar half back/full back. In both brief and, at the same time, lengthy questions we  interact and explore his rugby lifestyle, hits and misses in … Continue reading Philip Wokorach in Ten

Kenya cup in January

Issawrap! To the only month in a year that feels like 45 days clamped together. Things have been thick and thin one way or another in the 2017 opener,but let’s all be glad, chiefly, that the scotching January heat is subsiding. The weather man has obviously been wrong one way or another but the rains … Continue reading Kenya cup in January