Suffering Safari 7s?

After an emphatic rugby scene all through the year for the season 2015/2016 we are now done and dusted with the happenings of the same. We are just days away from kicking off the Kenya Cup 2016/2017 stretch, looking at the past season- things can only get better. But before I prod on about Kabras … Continue reading Suffering Safari 7s?


Mid-Ego, Dala 7s

It has been an open season at the National 7s circuit, which has been a long time coming, I cannot recall the last time we had three different cup winners in the opening three legs. The impressive stats collection and a wider coverage, viewership of the games- thanks to Zuku and K24 Tv, the game … Continue reading Mid-Ego, Dala 7s

Rugby tip: 5 essentials you should pack

We are fast approaching the touring season, with many tournaments on the offing and the thrill of attending a number of them there is a necessity to have the basics with you. A number of times I have fallen victim to a contemptible habit of packing up inappropriate and completely useless stuff in my bag … Continue reading Rugby tip: 5 essentials you should pack

Rugby beauty & beast moments

It’s been approximately a month since I ever posted on my blog, I owe the ardent readers a candid explanation but I would fall somewhere between selfish and prioritizing, over that period. There is something about culminating your first degree and a full schedule that comes with it, especially if you doing a science course- … Continue reading Rugby beauty & beast moments

Round 19 & that lady Wambui

Kenya Cup week 19, finally we are to conclude the preliminaries of the whirling action; series of leader changes, cricket scores and much more than I can comprehend in a paragraph, basically we are now headed to the home run, the realest run last week was a bluff.. At the close of business of Week … Continue reading Round 19 & that lady Wambui

Kenya Cup round 18: The home run

And so did things turn around in week 17! Three upsets were experienced last weekend with the follow up dethronement of the series leaders, Impala Saracens. Over at my bench I looked at my script and realized I had gored 4 of the three predictions I made last weekend. You win some you lose some, … Continue reading Kenya Cup round 18: The home run