Rugby review

This articles was purposed to be posted ages ago, but since life situations are unpredictable, I am glad that I can still post it up... The closing chapter of the 2017/18 Kenya Cup season has cruised to its penultimate page, after a relishing action since November 2017, we have been served the best mixture of … Continue reading Rugby review


Philip Wokorach in Ten

Quick ten questions with Philip Wokorach- Uganda & Kabras Sugar This week, The Bench got the opportunity to feature sensational Uganda Rugby player Philip Wokorach who also doubles up as Kabras Sugar half back/full back. In both brief and, at the same time, lengthy questions we  interact and explore his rugby lifestyle, hits and misses in … Continue reading Philip Wokorach in Ten

Kenya Cup returns

The much anticipated kick off of the Kenya Cup is finally nigh, the gruesome three-four weekends of watching the now cliché dominance of the All blacks outfit are about to get a kick for life. Considering that this weekend we have nearly zero rugby to watch/attend, the thought of the 2016-2017 season kick off should … Continue reading Kenya Cup returns